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Projecting offline content to your TV with Chromecast

· 2 min read
Ilian Sapundshiev

Today I will present to you one almost unknown use case of the Chrome's version of TagSpaces. Since the release of the Google's Chromecast some months ago, I was really keen to find a way how to cast my local content such as mp3s, photos and movies to my TV. This use case is currently not possible out of the box with Chromecast, but recently I came to the idea that actually I can use my application for this important use case.

The only thing you need beside a Chromecast and of course TagSpaces is the Chromecast extension for Chrome. With this extension you basically project the content of a tab in Chrome to your Chromecast device. The extension can be downloaded directly from the Google's Web Store. After the installation you will see a small icon of this extension in the Chrome's toolbar, as seen in the screenshot bellow.

So now after starting TagSpaces and navigating to a folder with videos for example, you can just open one and click on the Chromecast button in the browser. From the popup you can choose the desired Chromecast device and then you are ready. The desired movie is now played on your TV. If you want to see the movie on full screen, just press the full screen button in the movie player.

casting tagspaces with chromecast

Happily this use case works on the exactly same way with Chromium on Linux/Ubuntu. For a list of the supported media files you can go to supported file formats documentation.