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Digital Assets Management#

As a document manager, TagSpaces is suitable for organizing and browsing every kind files. But the support for handling photos is noteworthy thanks to the following features:

  • Possibility to add tags and description to images and the containing folders.
  • Browsing the images in a grid view
  • Showing the tags and the description of the images in the grid view
  • Setting custom thumbnail and color to a folder with photos for easy navigation and visual orientation by browsing
  • Generating thumbnails for JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, BMP and WEBP image format
  • Considering the EXIF orientation in JPG files by the thumbnail generation

TagSpaces has a build-in image viewer supporting many advanced features such as:

  • zooming in and out a specific area of the image just by pointing it with the mouse cursor and using the mouse wheel
  • changing the background color in order to increase the viewing contrast
  • black and white mode
  • rotating and mirroring of the image
  • reading EXIF and IPTC information embedded in JPG files
  • printing the image
  • fullscreen mode

The following screenshot shows the image viewer extension, with opened main menu, from where most of the previously mentioned features can be accessed.

Screenshot showing the build-in image viewer
Build-in image viewer

Live Demo#

Bellow you can try a read-only demo of TagSpaces. You can open the demo in separate tab, so you can experience it in full width

This demo is based on TagSpaces Enterprise edition. Data and application are hosted on AWS using the services CloudFront and S3