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Organize your photos and PDFs
Shows a photo gallery in the Grid perspective
Shows a photo gallery in the Grid perspective
Shows the same photo gallery in the Mapique perspective
Shows the same photo gallery in the Mapique perspective
Kanban perspective in TagSpaces Pro
Kanban perspective in TagSpaces Pro
Shows the List perspective and properties of a geo-tagged file
Shows the List perspective and properties of a geo-tagged file
Shows the advanced markdown editor
Shows the advanced markdown editor

TagSpaces is privacy aware file manager with tagging and note-taking capabilities

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How can TagSpaces be helpful to you?

Collect ➜ Organize ➜ Find

Create & Collect

Create & Collect

With the TagSpaces Web Clipper you can collect web pages, bookmarks, geo-coordinates or screenshot from the Web. With the built-in advanced WYSIWYG Markdown editor you can create notes that can include tables, todo-lists, math formulas or diagrams.

Organize & Annotate

Organize & Annotate

TagSpaces can connect to any folder on your hard drive and provide a convenient way to browse its content. You have the ability to add labels called tags to any file or folder. On top of that in the Pro version you can add descriptions and geo-tags to files and folders.

Search & Find - Be productive

Search & Find - Be productive

Using tags along the folder hierarchy allows you to have cross references in the folders. The built-in search allows you to find files with any combination of tags. The PRO version features a full-text search on text files, which makes it a valuable substitution for Desktop search applications.

Why TagSpaces?

No Login ➜ No Backend ➜ No tracking

Privacy by design

Privacy by design

Keep complete control over your data! Our app requires no internet connection or online registration to run, so your files never leave your computer and you can access them at any time. Furthermore, our app will never collect any user data or track your behavior. Your files remain safely with you.

Just files - No vendor locking

Just files - No vendor locking

TagSpaces only stores meta information such as tags, descriptions, and colors in easily readable text files. Since we do not have a database or a software back-end, there is no vendor locking and you can easily access your data even without our app.

Always available - No Internet, no problem

Always available - No Internet, no problem

Our desktop application runs entirely on your computer or smartphone without using the Internet. It is up to you to decide which tools you can use to sync (e.g. Nextcloud, Dropbox, Syncthing) and which ones you can use to encrypt (e.g. Cryptomator) your annotated files on different devices.
Our key principle: Local-first, offline-first!

Open and Extensible

Open and Extensible

TagSpaces Lite, the core of our applications, is open source and released under the AGPL license. Built using modern web technologies, this application is easily extensible using its plugins, referred to as extensions, most of which are released under the MIT license.

Intuitive and easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use

TagSpaces is designed to be easy to install and use. It offers a consistent user experience for organizing and annotating files across Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android platforms.

Key features

Play YouTube video showing the tagging and searching functionalities

Add tags and description to files and folders

  • Organize your photos, documents, music, recipes or invoices with tags in the same way on all platforms.
  • You can assign custom color to every folder and tag, which makes the visual search easy.
  • You can add a custom thumbnail and text description to every file or folder.
  • In contrary to the most file tagging applications, TagSpaces does not persist the tags in a centralized way. As a consequence, the added meta information is not vendor locked.
Learn more about tagging

Create digital notes as plain files

  • TagSpaces can be used as a full-fledged note-taking application similar to Evernote or Notion.
  • You can create and edit notes in WYSIWYG text editors.
  • Markdown, HTML and plain text are the available formats for the notes.
  • Common blocks such as lists, headers, tables and embedded images can be used
  • Our new Markdown editor supports even LaTeX math equations and source code snippets.
  • You can create To-Do lists and organize them in a kind of offline personal wiki for tracking your projects, ideas or memories.
Learn more about note-taking
Checklists and tables in milkdown
Checklists and tables in milkdown
Mermaid diagrams in action
Mermaid diagrams in action
Display complex math formulas
Display complex math formulas
Supporting the full markdown formatting
Supporting the full markdown formatting
TagSpaces Browsing Files

Browse and preview your files

The app is like a web browser but for files, where you can:
  • Open your digital photos and images
  • Preview and organize documents, spreadsheets or scans
  • Listen to your music and play videos
  • Preview 3D models and files for 3D printing
  • Organize your eBook library
  • Build you own personal digital asset management system
  • The list of the supported files formats is still growing.
More about managing digital assets

Use or share your files online by putting them on a S3 compliant object storage

In TagSpaces you can connect Amazon S3 compliant object storage offered by providers such as AWS, Wasabi or MinIO. With the help of the web version you can use your files from everywhere even from your iPhone or Android mobile.
  • Browse, preview, tag and search the files located there.
  • Edit files located in the cloud without downloading and re-uploading them.
  • Upload new files to the buckets with simple drag and drop actions.
  • Create time-limited, sharable links to files on buckets.
  • Create your own Dropbox or Evernote-like services only by using AWS S3, Wasabi or MinIO as back-end.
  • MinIO is explicitly supported, allowing you to self-host S3 compatible buckets on NAS systems and manage them.
Learn more connecting S3 buckets
Managing S3 buckets in TagSpaces
Folders as Kanban boards in TagSpaces Pro

Create files based offline Kanban boards in TagSpaces Pro

TagSpaces Pro has a built-in perspective, which allows you represent any folder with sub folders as a Kanban board. So you use TagSpaces for:
  • Personal task management or "Personal Kanban"
  • Track progress on projects
  • Use Kanban board for hiring process or in marketing teams
  • Import existing Trello boards for a offline support
More about the Kanban boards

Geo-tag files and folder and show them on a map

TagSpaces Pro has a built-in perspective, which allows you to show geo-tagged files and folders on a digital map. So you can:
  • Display geo-tagged files on a digital map
  • Place any file or folder on a map
  • Annotate maps with files
  • Privately save favorite places
  • Plan or document trips and places to visit
  • Extract geo coordinates from photos with the built-in IPTC/EXIF support
Learn more about geo-tagging
Play YouTube video showing the capabilities of the Mapique perspective
Screenshot of the TagSpaces web clipper

Collect content from web pages with our Web Clipper browser extension

Save web pages, text snippets, screenshot from web pages or bookmark on your local hard drive as simple files for a later offline use.
  • We offer free Chrome, Edge and Firefox browser extensions for web clipping.
  • Saving whole web pages or only part of them, allowing you to use the application similar to the many "read in later" services.
  • Take a screenshot from the visible part of the webpage or create a bookmark to it. This, together with the tagging support allows you to use TagSpaces as a full-fledged bookmark manager.
  • Using just files for storing the web pages has many advantages. The main one is that your collected content is not "taken hostage" in any online service.
Learn more about web clipping

Our Products

TagSpaces Lite
For organizing files
and taking notes
open source,
no strings attached
Downloads for other platforms
  • Add tags to files and folders
  • Manage files and folders
  • Create thumbnails for images and videos
  • Take notes as plain files - no vendor locking
  • Clip web pages for later use
  • Preview and print files
  • Search tagged files and folders
  • Use the app in dark mode
  • Connect S3 compliant object storage like from AWS S3, Wasabi or MinIO
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TagSpaces Pro
For power users
SubscriptionSingle payment
  • One subscription per year and user - install on up to 3 machines, for work and home use
  • Free updates and support as long as your subscription is active
  • The subscription will renew automatically and can be canceled any time.
  • One-time license cost - keep using your lastly downloaded version for as long as your operating system allows
  • One license per user - install on 3 machines, for work and home use
  • Free updates and support for one year after the purchase
Choose TagSpaces Pro
14-Day Money-back Guarantee
All the benefits of Lite, plus:
  • Support the development of the TagSpaces products
  • Kanban, Gallery and Mapique perspectives for your folders
  • Add description to files and folders
  • Bookmark and geo-tag files and folders
  • Save common searches for later use
  • Advanced and full text search
  • Custom icons, color and backgrounds for folders
  • Share files on S3 locations with others
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TagSpaces Pro Web
For users who wants to
use TagSpaces Pro in a web browser
available on request
contact us

Get in Touch
More about TagSpaces Pro Web
TagSpaces Pro running in a web browser:
  • Host the app on your own infrastructure
  • Simple to setup and maintain
  • Create custom deployment configurations
  • Use the app on mobile devices
  • Can be installed on NAS
  • Work exclusively with object storage
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TagSpaces Enterprise
For small and medium sized organizations

quote on request
contact us
for a custom quote
Get in Touch
More about TagSpaces Enterprise

Everything from TagSpaces Pro Web, plus:
  • On-premises web application
  • PWA mobile app
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • White-label custom packages
  • Development of custom extensions
  • Read-only mode for embedding in websites
  • Priority technical support
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What people are saying?

"TagSpaces has completely transformed the way I manage my files and documents. The tagging system is intuitive, making it incredibly easy to find what I need in just a few clicks. I can't imagine going back to my old way of organizing!"
Sarah L. - Freelance Writer
January, 2018
"I love that TagSpaces is not just limited to organizing files and folders - I use it to manage my bookmarks, notes, and even my music library! It's an incredibly versatile and powerful tool that has quickly become an essential part of my daily life."
Tom H. - Content Creator
June, 2019
"TagSpaces has been a game-changer for our entire team. The ability to tag and organize files collaboratively has improved our efficiency and productivity significantly. It's an essential tool for anyone looking to take control of their digital life."
Stephanie C. - Marketing Manager
December, 2022
"As a photographer, I have thousands of images to organize and manage. TagSpaces has been a game-changer for me. The ability to add custom tags and preview images in the app has streamlined my entire workflow. Highly recommended!"
James R. - Professional Photographer
March 2022
"As a small business owner, staying organized is crucial to my success. TagSpaces has become an indispensable part of my workflow. Its cross-platform compatibility and ease of use have made managing my documents and files simpler than ever."
Emma B. - Small Business Owner
October, 2022
"The flexibility and customizability of TagSpaces are simply unmatched. The wide range of supported file formats, combined with the ability to extend its functionality through plugins, make it a truly powerful tool for managing all kinds of data."
Lucas M. - Graphic Designer
November, 2020
"TagSpaces is hands down the best personal data management tool I've ever used. As a researcher, I can easily organize and categorize my documents, making my work much more efficient. The fact that it's open-source and continually updated is just the cherry on top."
Maria G. - PhD Student
February, 2020
"The ongoing support and dedication of the TagSpaces team is truly impressive. It's rare to find a tool that's not only incredibly functional but also backed by a team that actively listens to user feedback and continuously improves the product. Thank you for making my life easier!"
Ankit P. - Project Manager
March, 2023
"I was initially drawn to TagSpaces because of its open-source nature, but its rich features and ease of use have truly won me over. The app's design is intuitive, and the ability to add custom tags and preview files in the app has revolutionized the way I manage my digital files."
Alice T. - Educator
October, 2021