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TagSpaces Pro Web

TagSpaces Pro Web is a web application based on the Pro Edition, supporting most of the features offered in the desktop version of the application and running in a web browser. This version of app is intended for self-hosting. It is typically used in home environments or in small companies (e.g. on NAS systems). It can only manage files on located S3 object storages hosted on private MinIO servers or in AWS S3 buckets.

TagSpaces as web application#

With the web interface of the Pro Web edition, you can provide access to your digital notes, photos, music, videos and other documents in a convenient way on computers, tablets or mobile phones in your local network.

If your private network is accessible via e.g. VPN, you can assess your files from everywhere on the Internet.

    TagSpaces Pro Web in the Chrome browser on macOS
    Diagram showing the software architecture of TagSpaces Pro Web

    Easy to deploy and maintain#

    The web app needs just a static web hosting, which can be provided by any modern web server running on a PC or a NAS (Network Access Storage) from e.g. Synology or QNAP,

    For hosting of the files, you will need a S3 compatible object storage, which can be in the Cloud like on AWS or a MinIO server running on your NAS or other server in your private network.

    Putting the web app on a web server will make it accessible from everyone in your network. In order to restrict this, you can setup a simple basic access authentication  in front of the folder hosting the app. Even without this auth, the users will still need to use the credential for accessing the file in the object storage.

      Open Installation Tutorial

      Custom Configuration#

      Distributing TagSpaces to many users in one organization may require a common configuration of the software. Here is an uncompleted list of the supported options:
      • List of custom locations
      • Custom tag library, containing specific tag groups with tags
      • Predefined user interface themes
      • Predefined default perspective
      • Custom list of map tile servers
      Learn more
      Screenshot showing TagSpaces with custom color theme and logo
      Screenshot of the MinIO web client

      MinIO Object Storage#

      MinIO is a high performance distributed object storage server, designed for large-scale private cloud infrastructure.

      Minio allows you to expose a local file structure (protected by user accounts with secrets) via the Amazon S3 API over HTTPS. You could, for example, use it to provide access to "buckets" (folders) of data on your file store, secured by access/secret keys, just like AWS S3. You can further interact with your "buckets" with common tools, just as if they were hosted on S3.

      MinIO is an open source and can be used for free under the terms of the AGPLv3 software license.

        Open Installation Tutorial

        Demo of the mode optimized for use on mobile devices#

        With the mobile mode turned on the web app can be used conveniently on mobile Android and iOS devices.​

        You can try the mobile web version of the application in the area located on the left to this paragraph.
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