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Maps and geotagging in TagSpaces Pro

Combining a file manager with a map has countless possibilities, here we will present some of them. The maps used in TagSpaces are based on OpenStreetMaps.

Geotagging use cases

Some ideas for using maps in TagSpaces:
  • Save favorite places privately
  • Plan and document trips and places to visit
  • Show pictures from trips on map
  • Present your whole photo galleries on a map
  • Visualize customers or team/club members on a map
  • Annotate - add special notes as files on a map
Navigate through folder in the Mapique perspective
Play Youtube video showing the capabilities of the Mapique perspective

Placing files and folders on a map

To manage geo-tagged files and folders we have created the Mapique perspective. Here are some key features:
  • Extract geo location data from JPEG's EXIF information
  • Place any file or folder on a map
  • Navigate from one folder with geo-tagged entries to another
  • Support different map theme providers, even self-hosted ones (for maximum privacy)
  • Geo-tag current folder with the current coordinates from the map
  • For the maps we use the popular OpenStreetMap service, you can easily exchange the map tile server with your own.
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Live Demo

Bellow is a read-only demo of TagSpaces, where tagging and file operations are disabled. The demo can be opened in a separate tab, for a full width experience.
Demo based on TagSpaces Enterprise, deployed on AWS CloudFront, demo files on Wasabi object storage.