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Maps and geotagging in TagSpaces Pro

Combining a file manager with a map has countless possibilities, here we will present some of them. The maps used in TagSpaces are based on OpenStreetMaps.

Geotagging use cases

Some ideas for using maps in TagSpaces:
  • Save favorite places privately
  • Plan and document trips and places to visit
  • Show pictures from trips on map
  • Present your whole photo galleries on a map
  • Visualize customers or team/club members on a map
  • Annotate - add special notes as files on a map
Navigate through folder in the Mapique perspective
Play Youtube video showing the capabilities of the Mapique perspective

Placing files and folders on a map

To manage geo-tagged files and folders we have created the Mapique perspective. Here are some key features:
  • Extract geo location data from JPEG's EXIF information
  • Place any file or folder on a map
  • Navigate from one folder with geo-tagged entries to another
  • Support different map theme providers, even self-hosted ones (for maximum privacy)
  • Geo-tag current folder with the current coordinates from the map
  • For the maps we use the popular OpenStreetMap service, you can easily exchange the map tile server with your own.
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Live Demo

Bellow you can try a read-only demo of TagSpaces. You can also open the demo in separate tab, so you can experience it in full width.

This demo is based on TagSpaces Enterprise edition, deployed on AWS CloudFront with files hosted on Wasabi S3 service.