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TagSpaces Pro

TagSpaces Pro is a desktop application based on the Lite Edition having on top many useful features. You can start directly using the PRO version. Previous experience with TagSpaces or installation of the Lite version are not required. A detailed overview of the TagSpaces Pro features is presented here.

Explore your files from different perspectives

Folders usually hosts files grouped by different purpose (e.g. photos from an event or for a specific project). For such cases we offer the so-called perspectives, allowing you to set a custom view for different kind of tasks you want to perform with your files.
  • Default — present your files as list or grid, suitable for tagging and file management
  • Gallery — optimized for browsing and viewing images and photos, having a built-in presentation mode
  • Mapique — simply place files and folders on a map, allowing you to annotate geographic areas or plan and document trips
  • KanbanBETA — here the subfolder of the current folder are represented as columns from Kanban board, the files from the sub-folders will be your tasks.
More on perspectives in the docs
Changing perspectives in TagSpaces Pro
Screenshot of the advanced search options

Link your files or folders and add description to them

In the addition to the tagging, here you can put a text description to any file or folder.
  • The description text can be in Markdown format.
  • This will allow so you have basic text formatting such as bold or italic.
  • You can easily create plain or numbered (to-do) lists.
  • Create links to other documents, folder, locations or web pages.
  • You can also set a custom thumbnail for every file or folder, allowing you to emphasize visually its content.
  • Add custom background color to folders in order to visually group them
More on annotations in the docs

Advanced Search & Persisted Search Queries

The search is essential part of TagSpaces, which is significantly extended in the PRO version.
  • Stored search queries – save common or complex queries for later use
  • Global search - in all locations at once
  • Search by type (Images, Documents, Videos, ...)
  • Search by last modified date (today, last month, last year, ..)
  • Search by file size (empty, small, large, ...)
  • Search for untagged files or just for folders
  • Full-text search for text, Markdown and HTML files
More on search in the docs
Demonstrating the creation of a stored search query
Screenshot showing configuration of an AWS S3 hosted location

Turn S3 compliant object storage into an online file browser

In order to work collaboratively on the same files with family members or co-workers, the Pro version supports the connection of cloud object storage as TagSpaces' locations. Such storage is offered by cloud provider like Amazon AWS or Wasabi. You can also host an object storage privately (e.g. on your NAS) with the help of open source projects like MinIO.
By doing so, you are getting a full-fledged file organizer and browser in the Cloud, so you do not have to download files in order to preview, edit or annotate them.
  • Connect AWS S3 or Wasabi buckets as locations
  • Connect self-hosted (e.g. on your NAS) MinIO folders as locations
  • Browse object storage buckets in TagSpaces
  • Direct streaming of the supported audio and video formats
  • Edit text files directly in the buckets
  • Upload files with simple drag and drop actions
More on this topic in the docs

Share files with links

You can share files in two ways:
  • By providing a link for internal sharing
  • Sharing for downloading, available only on S3 locations
Learn more about sharing
Screenshot showing TagSpaces with custom color theme and logo
Screenshot showing extended locations options

Advanced Location Options

  • Monitor the changes in locations
  • Persisted manual index
  • Custom location IDs for easy file sharing
  • Read-only mode for locations
  • Collect all the tags used in given location
  • Specify file tagging method per location
  • Exclude folders from search results by using ignore lists
Find details in the docs

Advanced Tagging Features

  • Tagging with geo coordinates
  • Place files and folders on a map
  • Plan and document your trips
  • Tagging with custom date and time. Learn more in the docs
More on the geo tagging use case
Play Youtube video showing some advanced tagging features
Play Youtube video showing how to set custom thumbnails to files and folders

Custom thumbnails for folders & files

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so we added the possibility to set a custom preview image for every folder, which describes its content best.
  • Set a preview image of every folder
  • Set a custom thumbnail to any file, ignoring the automatically extracted preview image
  • Navigate with ease through folders and folders by recognizing their content
More on thumbnails in the docs

Extract thumbnails

In addition to the file previews (thumbnails) for images and videos available in the Lite version, the PRO version supports thumbnail extraction for:
  • PDF documents, using screenshot of the first page
  • Office documents in ODT, ODP, ODS, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX format, using the embedded preview image if available
  • Notes in HTML format using the embedded screenshot, if created with the Web Clipper
  • Bookmarks in URL format, using the embedded screenshot, if created with the Web Clipper
  • Ebooks in EPUB format, using the integrated ebook cover image
Showing generated thumbnails in TagSpaces
Screenshot of a dialog where the locations can be exported

Backup and share locations and stored searches

In the Lite version users can export their tag library as simple json file, so they can import it in another TagSpaces installation or simply to backup it. Here you can get in addition:
  • Export your locations as single file
  • Encrypt your location's export with password, so valuable access information is not readable
  • Import your locations
  • Export your stored searches as single file
  • Import your stored searches

Technical support

For our TagSpaces PRO users, we offer a technical support per email.