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TagSpaces Pro

TagSpaces Pro is a desktop application based on the Lite Edition with some features added on top. A detailed overview of these features can be found in following page. TagSpaces Pro is intended to be used by users which have already used the community edition and are expecting the advanced features offered by the Pro version.

Generating thumbnails

  • PDF documents
  • Office documents in ODT, ODP, ODS, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX format (uses the embedded preview image if available)
  • Notes in HTML formed (uses the embedded screenshot, when created with the Web Clipper)
  • Bookmarks in URL format (uses the embedded screenshot, when created with the Web Clipper)
  • Ebooks in EPUB format (uses the integrated ebook cover image)
Showing generated thumbnails in TagSpaces
Screenshot showing the gallery perspective in action

See your files from different perspectives

  • Grid - presenting your files as list and in grid
  • Gallery - optimized for browsing and viewing images and photos
  • Mapique - showing geo-tagged files and folder and folders on a map
  • KanbanBETA - show your files as tasks in a Kanban board
More on perspectives in the docs

Advanced Search

  • Search by type (Images, Documents, Videos, ...)
  • Search by last modified date (today, last month, last year, ..)
  • Search by file size (empty, small, large, ...)
  • Search for untagged files or folders
  • Search for folders
  • Search in all locations, Global search in the docs
  • Fulltext search for TXT, MD and HTML files
More on search in the docs
Screenshot of the advanced search options
Screenshot of the advanced search options

Annotate every file or folder

  • Add description to all kind of files
  • Add description to a folder
  • Set custom color to a folders
  • Markdown in descriptions supported
More on annotations in the docs

Connect AWS S3 compatible object storages as locations

  • Connect AWS S3 buckets as locations
  • Connect Minio buckets as location
  • Browse buckets in TagSpaces
  • Preview files from buckets without downloading
  • Direct streaming of the supported audio and video formats
  • Edit text directly files from buckets
More on this topic in the docs
Screenshot showing configuration of a AWS S3 hosted location
Screenshot showing extended locations options

Advanced Location Features

  • Monitor the changes in locations
  • Persisted manual index
  • Tag extraction from location
  • Custom location IDs for easy files sharing
  • Read-only mode for locations
Find details in the docs

Advanced Tagging Features

  • Tagging with geo coordinates
  • Place files and folders on a map
  • Plan and document your trips
  • Tagging with custom date and time. Learn more in the docs
More on the geo tagging use case
Play Youtube video showing some advanced tagging features
Play Youtube video showing how to set custom thumbnails to files and folders

Custom thumbnails for files and folders

  • Set a preview image of every folder
  • Set a preview image to all kind of file types
  • Navigate better through folders
More on thumbnails in the docs

Technical support

For our TagSpaces PRO users we offer a technical support per email.