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Free S3 File Browser & Manager

Versatile, cross-platform and free file manager to explore your S3 buckets

S3 Browser

An S3 client that turns your S3 buckets into an file browser, allowing you to preview images, read eBooks or plays your music and video files.

    An S3 explorer that works like a file browser

    Our desktop and web apps makes it easy to browse, explore, upload, download files into your bucket but also annotate, edit, rename or delete them or just act as an S3 viewer.

      An S3 explorer presenting folders suitable for their file content

      You can easily configure TagSpaces to present folders differently depending on the files each folder contains. The next screenshot shows the exact same folder as the previous screenshot but optimized as photo gallery.

        An S3 viewer and a document editor

        Whether you're hosting a website or storing a lot of documents on S3, you can preview and in many cases edit your website, word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and many more.

          Collaborate easily

          TagSpaces lets you create shared links to files without sharing your keys. The shared links are valid for certain time period (e.g. 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week).

            Not only Amazon S3

            Whether you're using AWS or an API compatible alternative, TagSpaces is there to help you explore your buckets. For example, we are using TagSpaces successfully with Minio and Wasabi. The next screenshot show the files for the TagSpaces demo hosted on Wasabi.
              Wasabi management console
              Wasabi management console
              Minio management console
              Minio management console

              Open source and free software

              You don't have to trust us. The code of our software is available on Github for everyone to download, self-host, audit, and ideally contribute back.
                TagSpaces on GitHub

                Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and as PWA on iOS

                TagSpaces is available as desktop app on the most common desktop and mobile operating system. The web version can be self-hosted and used as PWA on iOS.

                  Creating an awesome S3 Browser

                  Traditional S3 GUI and CLI such as the Amazon CLI or Cyberduck are great for administrators who needs the full power of S3, but having access to all those features makes it harder to use for everyone else. TagSpaces makes platform like Amazon S3 or Wasabi more easy to use for the end-users bringing collaboration features and file editing capabilities. This makes S3 look and feel like a modern Dropbox/Evernote alternative, where you are the owner of your files.