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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is TagSpaces?

TagSpaces is a cross-platform tool for organizing, editing and tagging files and folders.

What is it good for?

Users can operate with local files and folders on different platforms through a single friendly interface which allows them to view, edit, and add tags to their information.

Is it compatible with my platform?

It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.
Our web browser extension is available for the Chrome, Edge and Firefox web browsers.

Do I need Internet access?

Only for the web based versions (TagSpaces Pro Web and TagSpaces Enterprise) if they are hosted outside of your local network.

Is it a cloud service (SaaS)?

No, but the app can connect S3 compliant object storage, know as buckets from provider such AWS, Wasabi or MinIO.

Where do I register my account?

Nowhere, TagSpaces is not a software as a service, so you do not need an account.

Does it use database for saving the tags?


Where can I find the database used in the application?

TagSpaces do not use a database.

Is it secure?

The app is running completely offline, all your data is stored locally and is never sent to the network. It doesn't collect any statistics, analytics or ads. Exception makes the ability in the to connect to S3 compliant object storage such AWS S3, Wasabi or MinIO buckets. Here, TagSpaces makes network connections in order to work with the remote object storage. Another exception is an external call for checking the existence of a newer application version. This request can be disabled in the settings.

Where does TagSpaces save the meta data such as tags?

The tags are added in name of the file, so for example if you tag the file “img-9832.jpg” with the tags “sunset” and “bahamas” it will be renamed to “img-9832 [sunset bahamas].jpg”. In addition the app offers an option to save the tags in so-called sidecar files.

What are the main advantages?

  • Cross-platform
  • Open source
  • No databases
  • No vendor locking
  • Works offline
  • Continuous support
  • Unobtrusive
  • Compatible with cloud services for synchronization of files

TagSpaces provides access to local files and folders on different platforms and/or devices from a single, friendly interface which allows you to organize your information, using the same logic everywhere. It is an alternative to digital note organizers such as Evernote and Onenote. It enables you to edit and create files (in Text, Markdown and HTML/Rich Text Format) directly into the application. It is suitable for web-clipping by saving parts of web pages for further use offline. Within this function, TagSpaces resembles other “Read It Later” services, such as Pocket for example, but with much added functionality.

What happens if TagSpaces no longer exists?

TagSpaces is licensed under a Free and Open Source (FOSS) license accepted by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Its source code is published on GitHub and legally copied by thousands of developers around the world, including more than one hundred forks on GitHub.

Even if the current TagSpaces core team ceased to exist, it is not possible to prevent other developers from continuing to publish the code or binaries by legal means. So even in the case of an acquisition of TagSpaces GmbH (the company behind the project), TagSpaces can not be erased from the Internet.

Additionally, TagSpaces runs solely on your client, with your local files and does not need any infrastructure or accounts under our control. So even if you do not use TagSpaces anymore, the files you have managed and organized with our tool will remain on your computer.

Is it similar to other services?

TagSpaces has practically no alternative in the open source world, as it is a no-cloud, no-vendor locking, genuine, offline service, aiming for the user’s independence. It has some similarities with a variety of other services, such as: Evernote, Onenote, Dropbox, Google Keep, Pocket, Google Picasa Desktop (discontinued), Zim-Wiki

What are the system requirements?

See our system requirements section

What problems can I expect?

We rely on user feedback, open source cooperation and constant monitoring to improve our product. If you meet any problems, though, make sure to contact us contactus [at] or report an issue at GitHub

Is it free?

We are offering two editions of the desktop application. The first one is called TagSpaces Lite or simply TagSpaces, it will always be free. The second one is known as TagSpaces Pro and is a paid software. A comparison of both editions can be found on product page.

Are you offering a mobile version of TagSpaces?

Yes, we are offering a version of TagSpaces for Android. The web version of TagSpaces can be used as PWA on both Android and iOS devices.

Where do I get TagSpaces from?

The free version can be downloaded from here.

Where can I find the recent changes in the application

We are collecting the major new features, bug fixes and enhancements in our What's new page.

Is it translated in my local language?

TagSpaces has been translated in more than 20 languages so far, but it’s an ongoing process and you are also invited to join our translation project on Transifex.

Which is the newest version?

The newest official version can be found on the downloads page. The recent pre-release can be found on our Github releases page

Users of TagSpaced Pro should use the download links from their purchase confirmation email. These links will always lead to the latest officially release PRO version.

Whee can I get user support?

Contact us directly contactus [at], report an issue at GitHub or ask in our forum

Is it open-source?

TagSpaces Lite is an open-source software, and the core code is published under the AGPL License. As such, the code is publicly available on GitHub! Still, contribution must be done following some guidelines. All plug-ins in TagSpaces Lite are also open source and licensed in even more permissive MIT license. If you want to integrate TagSpaces in a product and don't want to comply with AGPL license, we are offering a commercial licensing model. For more information please contact us: contactus [at] .

TagSpaces Pro is a closed source extension of the TagSpaces

How can I contribute to the project?

The easiest way is to start developing your own extensions. For contribution in the TagSpaces core you have to follow our contribution guidelines.

Where can I discuss an issue with TagSpaces?

Report an issue at GitHub or contact us directly via email: contactus [at] .

Where can I suggest an idea for TagSpaces?

Enhancement requests are collected in our forum. But if you wish you can reach directly via email: contactus [at]

Functionality questions

How do I tag my files?

You can tag your files by simple drag & drop actions. The application supports adding tags to files in a transparent, not vendor locking way.

Can I organize tags thematically in groups?

You can organize your tags thematically in groups (e.g. tag group 'family' can contain tags with the names of your family member, this can be useful for photo tagging)

What are Smart Tags?

With the concept of Smart Tags, when you add tag called 'today' to a file, the application will label automatically this file with the corresponding date of today (e.g. '20151012' for 12th October 2015)

Can I use tags in different colors?

You can assign different colors to the tags. So in case of priorities you can assign the color red to tags called 'high'

Is it possible to add and remove many tags to many files at once?

Yes, this is the so called batch tagging. You have to choose the files and then from the perspective menu you have to choose the menu item 'Add / remove tags'.

Can I use TagSpaces for file management?

Yes, TagSpaces features a set of basic file management operations such as rename, create, move and delete files.

Can I use TagSpaces for folder management?

In TagSpaces you can create new subfolders of the current folder, rename, move an delete existing folders.

Should I expect any differences in design and layout, according to the window size and proportions of the device that I use?

TagSpaces has a responsive design. It features a flexible layout, which is dynamically adapted depending on the application window size and proportions.

Do you support XYZ file type ?

The list of the supported file type can be found here. If you miss some file type there and you are a programmer, consider developing you own file type viewers, which we will integrate in the app."

Where can I find a tutorial?

Go to our documentation. Here you will find a collection of useful tutorials, videos and explanation pages about our products.