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Web Clipper - Collect everything online

TagSpaces Web Clipper extension provides an easy way to collect web pages, articles, PDF-documents, bookmarks, places and screenshots from the Internet as simple files for easy storing and recalling. The extension is available in the following browser stores:

Save web pages, bookmarks, screenshots, PDFs

Save any interesting content found online as a file on your computer.
  • Save whole web pages in MHTML, PDF or HTML formats
  • Images from the web pages you save in MHTML or HTML files are embedded in these files, so if a image in not available on the Internet you still can see it.
  • Save parts of web page
  • Take a screenshot of the visible part of the web page
  • Save bookmark with an integrated screenshot of the page
  • Save currently opened PDF-document
  • Add directly tags to saved content, searchable later in TagSpaces
Read more in the docs
Play Youtube video showing how you can use TagSpaces as a bookmark management tool
A screenshot showing the extracted geo location as plus code

Advanced Features

  • The date and time of the clipping, the original internet address of the web page and a screenshot of it is saved in the created HTML and bookmark files.
  • The saved screenshot is used later by the desktop application as a thumbnail.
  • By saving web pages showing online map services such as OpenStreetMap or Google MapsTM the current geo coordinates are extracted and saved as tags.
  • By saving a screenshot from the current web page, the domain of this web page is added as a tag next to the current date and time and the tag screenshot.
  • The automatically extracted tags make finding of content later in TagSpaces very easy.
Read more in the docs

Read It Later

Saving the whole web pages is much better than just bookmarking it.
  • Reading the content in the form it was created in and not a potentially changed version
  • No more bookmarks leading to dead links
  • Access the content even if you are currently offline
More about bookmarking in TagSpaces
Video showing how to use TagSpaces as a bookmark management tool

Open Source

The extension is open sourced, its code is available on GitHub and published under the AGPLv3 license. It can be inspected by anyone and we accept pull request with new features or improvements. Bugs are tracked in the GitHub's issue tracker.

Wrapping up

The browser extensions are a useful addition to the desktop applications of TagSpaces, allowing a seamless way to collect and organize content from the web locally. Nevertheless, the basic functionalities of the web clipper are completely decoupled from the desktop application of TagSpaces, so they can be used with other applications supporting HTML, MHTML, PNG, PDF or URL files.