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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

As a document manager, TagSpaces is suitable for organizing and browsing any kind of files. The users are able to add tags, write description and create link to files and folders. Thanks to the built-in file viewers you can preview many file types directly in the app, without the need to download or open them externally.

Annotate Images, Pictures and Photos

TagSpaces is perfectly suitable for managing, organizing and browsing photos or other images thanks to the following features:
  • Add tags and description to images from all kinds of image formats
  • Preview many image formats directly in the application
  • Generate thumbnails for many format such as JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, TIF or WEBP
  • Considering the EXIF orientation in JPG files by the thumbnail generation
  • Browse images in a grid and list views
  • Showing images in a gallery with a presentation mode
  • Setting custom thumbnail and color to folders containing media files for easy navigation and visual orientation while browsing
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Annotating images in TagSpaces
Screenshot shows the image viewer extension, with opened main menu, from where most of the previously mentioned features can be accessed

Built-in image viewer

TagSpaces has a built-in viewer supporting many features such as:
  • Zooming in and out a specific area of the image just by pointing at it with the mouse cursor and using the mouse wheel
  • Changing the background color in order to increase the viewing contrast
  • Black and white mode
  • Rotating and mirroring of the image
  • Reading EXIF and IPTC information embedded in JPG files
  • Directly printing the image
  • Full-screen mode
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Preview and organize 3D models

Thanks to the integrated 3D viewer the app can preview 3d models in GLB, GLTF, STL, OBJ formats. The 3D model used in the demo video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
  • Add tags and description to all kinds of 3D files
  • Use the mouse to root and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Save screenshot of the current 3D scene rendering as PNG file
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Annotate audio and video files in TagSpaces

Annotating Video and Audio files

With the app you can easy preview, organize and manage audio and video files.
  • Add tags and description to image from all kinds of audio or video files
  • Directly play many audio and video formats thanks to the built-in media player
  • Generate thumbnails for OGV, MP4, WEBM, M4V, MKV and LRV video format
  • Set custom thumbnails to any file format
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Built-in media player

With the built-in player you can preview many common audio and video file formats
  • Plays audio and video files
  • Support playing in picture-in-picture
  • Playing in a loop of the media files in the current folder or search results
  • Playing in a loop of the current file
  • Full screen mode
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Built-in media player extension

Organize eBooks or Magazines

  • Open EPUB books, thanks to the ebook viewer
  • Open PDF magazines, thanks to ebook viewer
  • Add tags, description or copyright information
  • Create thumbnails from PDF and EPUB files for fast previewing
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Live Demo

Bellow is a read-only demo of TagSpaces, where tagging and file operations are disabled. The demo can be opened in a separate tab, for an experience in full width of the browser.

This demo is based on TagSpaces Enterprise (deployed on Cloudflare Pages with Wasabi object storage). If the demo is not displayed in your browser, you can open it in a separate tab