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Contributor License Agreement

TagSpaces is an open source software, and the code is published under the AGPL License. As such, the code is publicly available on GitHub, and forking is particularly recommended! Still, contribution must be done following some guidelines.

The CLA is an agreement commonly used in major open source project, which aims at protecting all parties implied by a contribution : the contributor, the main code author, and above all, the community. The CLA model we have chosen basically tells the following : the contribution’s copyright is shared between the contributor and the main author. This means each party can do whatever she want in term of relicensing with this contributed piece of code. This is important, because, if in the future, the author wants to change the license in something more in favor of the community, a singular contributor cannot block the process.

The CLA can be downloaded from here as PDF. You can print it, sign it, scan it and send it back to us via email. Alternatively you can simply fill and sign this Google form.