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Live Demonstration

Here you will find a demonstration of some basic functionalities of TagSpaces. The version you can test here is a web based, read-only setup of TagSpaces Enterprise, showing files from a connected AWS S3 bucket.

You will find some predefined locations, such as Photo Gallery, Note-taking, Research Library, Web Clipping, Digital Assets and Bookmark Manager, which are demonstrating typical use cases of the application.

Bellow you can try a read-only demo of TagSpaces. You can also open the demo in separate tab, so you can experience it in full width.

This demo is based on TagSpaces Enterprise edition. Data and application are hosted on AWS using the services CloudFront and S3.

Note: In order to try the PWA version of the app, you should open the demo in new **separate browser tab** or window by clicking on the button bellow. Then you can use the PWA support in your browser to integrate and test the app on your Windows, Linux, Android, macOS or iOS operating system.

Use-case specific demos

You can check also our demos adjusted for some app specific use-cases:

Try TagSpaces in your language

Please click on a flag in order to open the TagSpaces Demo with the corresponding language in a new browser tab. If you are missing a language, you can help translating it on the Transifex platform.

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