Bookmark management#

TagSpaces is distributed with a build-in viewer for .url, .website and .desktop files. These file types are used by various operating system for saving bookmarks to web sites. This feature is basically enabling you to use TagSpaces as a bookmark manager. .url files can be created for example in Windows by dragging and dropping over the desktop a website from your browser. .desktop files are the alternative to the .url files in Ubuntu.

Alternatively you can use the TagSpaces browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to create bookmarks in the supported format. In addition to saving the url and the data when the bookmark is created, both browser extensions are taking a screenshot of the current visible part of the web page. This screenshot is used later for creating the thumbnail of the bookmark in TagSpaces.

Once you open a bookmark in TagSpaces, a button with an URL will be shown in the viewer, allowing you to open this URL in your default browser, as shown in the following video.

Live Demo#

In the following section you can try a read-only demo of TagSpaces showing the bookmark management functionalities.

This demo is based on TagSpaces Enterprise edition. Data and application are hosted on AWS using the services CloudFront and S3