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TagSpaces Enterprise

TagSpaces Enterprise is focused on enterprise or academic deployments. It combines the features offered by the Lite, Pro and Pro Web editions. The enterprise version can be hosted internally in your company or in the Cloud. An enterprise package is offered also as a desktop app with white-label customizations or tailored packages with specific integrated file viewers or editors. Depending on your needs, we can develop custom app extensions for you, such as file editorsfile viewers and perspectives.

On-premise version of TagSpaces

TagSpaces Enterprise can be deployed on your own cloud or on private servers. The web server for the deployment needs only static hosting. This diagram shows possible ways for deployment of TagSpaces Enterprise in your company.
    TagSpaces Enterprise Software Architecture
    TagSpaces deployed on a AWS Amplify

    TagSpaces in your AWS Cloud with Amplify

    An alternative way for deploying TagSpaces Enterprise is with the help of AWS Amplify. We provide just the application in way that it can be installed on a customer's AWS account. Choosing this deployment model, you get the following features:
    • User management — utilizing Amazon Cognito
    • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) — with the help of Amazon Cognito
    • Hosting files in Amazon S3
    • Central management of locations, tag library and stored searches utilizing Amazon DynamoDB
    • Generation of thumbnails and search index with the help of AWS Lambda functions
    • Central app configuration

    TagSpaces as front-end for AWS S3 buckets

    The web version of TagSpaces PRO can be used as a web front-end for one or many AWS S3 compatible buckets. With the help of TagSpaces you can create a kind of custom Dropbox or Evernote service, where you have the full control over files stored in those buckets.

    Beside AWS S3 as a primary supported object storage, we can support DigitalOcean's Spaces or MinIO based object stores. By utilizing MinIO object storage, you are able to achieve a fully private cloud storage, entirely hosted in your company. The following image, shows how one of our enterprise customers utilizes TagSpaces Enterprise in combination with AWS S3 object storage.
      TagSpaces on top of AWS S3 bucket
      Screenshot showing TagSpaces with custom color theme and logo

      White-label Packages

      We can offer you a custom look and feel of TagSpaces according to the design guidelines of your company. The screenshot is only an example of what can be achieved. These changes can include, but are not limited to:
      • Custom logo
      • Custom color themes
      • Predefined set of file viewers and editors
      • Predefined set of perspectives

      Development of custom TagSpaces extensions

      In addition to white-label packages, we can develop and include custom exclusive functionalities or extensions for file viewing or editing. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine a viewer for 3D-models, panoramic photos or for  DICOM medical imagery.
      • Custom file viewers
      • Custom file editors
      • Custom perspectives
      • Exclusive themes
      TagSpaces prototype with integrated viewer for DICOM medical images
      Click to open a mobile PWA version of the app

      Progressive Web App (PWA)

      The web version of TagSpaces Enterprise has support for PWA. Which enables you to install it as such on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. Of course all other desktop operating systems, such as Windows, macOS and Linux are also supported. By using the the PWA app you can have instant access to your S3 compatible buckets from almost every common platform and device.
        Open TagSpaces PWA demo

        Priority Technical Support

        For customers of the Enterprise edition, we offer priority technical support, which can include a ticketing system for tracking the customer issues and requests. Our technical support can be by phone and email. SLAs can be signed additionally depending on your business needs.

        Contact us for more details

        Please contact us if you want to purchase TagSpaces Enterprise or you have some other ideas, requests or requirements for Enterprise edition. You can reach us via e-mail or by phone +49 89 41156911.