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Thank you for downloading TagSpaces!


If your download haven't started automatically, click on dmg installer, zip package, Apple silicon dmg installer or Apple silicon zip package to start it again.

You can also download the SHA256 signatures to check the integrity of the downloaded package.

Getting Started

After downloading, just double-click on tagspaces-mac-5.8.5.dmg and move to your Applications folder, as shown in the next screenshot.

Draggin the into the Applications folder

If you are a first-time user, you might be interested in our How To Start guide or the Documentation of the project.


In many cases macOS does not allow TagSpaces to be executed with a double click. To work around this, right-click the folder and choose Open, then click Open on the dialog that appears. You have to do this just the first time.


If you are considered about the integrity of the downloaded packages, please use the SHA256 signatures to check to verify that the packages were not altered.

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