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Getting Started

Simply follow these easy steps to install TagSpaces Web for free on Cloudflare. If you want to install it on a server of you, follow this tutorial. You might be also interested in our How To Start videos.

Connecting your files to TagSpaces Web

You will also need to connect the so called locations containing the files you will manage with the application. The web version can currently connect only object storage (S3) locations, such as offered by Amazon AWS and Wasabi or hosted on you NAS with the help of MinIO. The following tutorials will help you with the setup.

  • Connect AWS S3 buckets as location is described in this tutorial
  • Expose local or NAS folders as object storage for connecting in the web application - tutorial
  • Connect Wasabi buckets as location is described in this tutorial
  • Install MinIO and connect buckets from there as locations is described in this tutorial

Support TagSpaces

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