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Thank you for downloading TagSpaces!


If your download haven't started automatically, click on tar.gz package, AppImage or Debian installer to start it again.

You can also download SHA256 signatures to check the integrity of the downloaded package.

Getting Started

If you have downloaded the AppImage, you should make the file executable by using your native file manager or run the following command:

chmod +x tagspaces-linux-x64-5.x.x.AppImage

Then you can simply start it with a double click.

The Debian package can be installed with a double click or with this command:

sudo dpkg -i tagspaces-linux-amd64-5.x.x.deb

The tar.gz-package, should be just unpacked in some folder, then the tagspaces binary should be executed.

If you are a first-time user, you might be interested in our How To Start guide or the Documentation of the project.

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