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What's new (Archive)

Changes in version 1 of the TagSpaces:

Version 1.12.0

Released on 2015.07.29

  • Added a new audio/video player extension based on library
  • Added a new viewer for EPUB files
  • Added a new viewer for ZIP files
  • Hungarian and Chinese Taiwan (big5) languages added
  • Scrolling to bottom of the settings after adding new file type
  • Fixing drag and drop issue for smart tags
  • Directory watcher implemented for node webkit
  • Import tagGroups from settings
  • Added a web clipper for the Firefox
  • Added a an Android widget allowing to take photos and create notes directly from desktop
  • Fixing stopping of the playback of audio and video files after closing them #251
  • The settings of the Android app are now saved in a file in the app folder
  • Fixing issue with not recognizing folder on some webdav servers

Version 1.11.0

Released on 2015.04.15

  • adding korean, greek, catalan, czech, swedish, turkish and dutch translations
  • add a new system tag group collecting all new applied tags
  • added delete selected files functionality to the list and grid perspectives
  • adding generating thumbs for pdf, bmp, webp and svg files in grid perspective
  • added import tag groups functionality
  • internationalizing the UI of the chrome extension
  • reimplementing loading animation
  • adding confirmation on the app closing by unsaved changes on the currently opened file
  • fixing drag and drop issue of tags from files to tag groups
  • exchanging pdf.js with a newer version, moving it as core lib
  • improving code quality by adding jshint and jscs to the project
  • clearing search results on directory change
  • adding handler for the add file button
  • adding title editing to the web scrapping function
  • correcting binding of fastclick lib
  • disabling the support of AVI files in the default settings #242

Version 1.10.3

Released on 2015.01.29

  • Supporting adding of files on Android and the WebDAV edition
  • Fixing issue in the search
  • Fixing adding existing files in the native version #187
  • Fixing broken following of symlinks
  • Fixing doubling the main menu #193
  • Fixing not loading of external json with tag groups on windows
  • Enabling strikeout of text in HTML editor on Android
  • Persisting sort order in list perspective #165
  • Enable setting of the language through url parameter
  • Updating translations

Version 1.10.1

Released on 2015.01.15

  • Bugfixes in the search and for Mac OSX

Version 1.10.0

Released on 2015.01.10

  • redesigning the search functionality
  • typing esc in the search box will close the search area
  • considering the parent directory name in the search results
  • showing search area by filtering for tags
  • adding new extension(viewerMHTML) for previewing of MHTML files
  • updating the Russian, German, French, Japanese, Slovak, Portuguese and Bulgarian translations
  • redesigning settings adding new css toggle switch
  • adding exif reader and automatically rotation of JPG files according to their exif orientation
  • making main menu configurable in the settings
  • adding the path to the file in the tooltip of the extension button
  • adding ico as supported file type
  • adding dom purify lib to the project
  • fixing #176 selecting the same directory twice
  • fixing refresh after deleting #149
  • fixing broken notification for new versions
  • [native] adding script for running TagSpaces in portable mode
  • [native] fixing handling of broken symlinks links #182
  • [OSX] fixing native menu with edit, copy, paste and window menus #174
  • [chrome] adding page capturing capabilities to the chrome extension
  • [chrome] disabling opening of the application on first install
  • [chrome] adding internationalization for the chrome store
  • [chrome] fixing double slash in the begin of a path in chrome
  • updating bootstrap to 3.2.0 and font-awesome to 4.2
  • adding spinkit to the project

Version 1.9.0

Released on 2014.11.22

  • added new builds for 64bit Windows and Mac OSX
  • adding new HTML viewer with themes and content zooming
  • loading the background for transparent images after the loading of the image
  • images pasted in the HTML editor are saved as data urls allowing easy web scrapping
  • adding gradients at the begin and end of the left and middle UI areas
  • disabling the wrapping in of the title in the file editor by a long title
  • updating pdf.js to a newer version, solving error by opening of PDFs
  • keeping file selection after renaming/tagging
  • reconfiguring the default viewer and editors for html and json files
  • embedding default css styles in html files created by TagSpaces
  • MHT files are now opened in a new window in chrome and node-webkit, due restriction in security restrictions in chromium
  • adding printing and zooming capabilities to the html, markdown and image viewer
  • enable tagging of the selected files by double click on a tag
  • adding button for opening of the files natively
  • adding styling themes for markdown files
  • adding sandboxing for the viewer's for image, odf and html files
  • disallowing space as a character in dialog for adding new tags in a tag group
  • enabling the export to csv button in chrome and Webdav edition
  • adding experimental thumbnail generation to the grid perspective
  • fixing #119
  • fixing the utf8 issues #131 and #134
  • fixing issue with using webdav of different port #137
  • fixing issue #125 remind the user to enable "Allow access to file URLs"
  • fixing typo in the about box #133
  • fixing the reload of tagspaces on enter in dialogs #126
  • native versions based on Node-webkit v0.11.1

Learn more in the corresponding blog post.

Version 1.8.6

Released on 2014.10.01

  • implementing of a new file edit functionality
  • implementing of an add file functionality in the desktop versions
  • implementing of the editorJSON extension as viewer and editor for JSON files
  • adding natural sorting of the file in the list perspective
  • adding initial russian translations thanks to darvin and ijon
  • adding BMP as supported file type for viewing
  • adding key bindings for edit document ctrl+e and adding tags ctrl+t
  • enabling the export of all tag groups as json file in the settings
  • enable importing of multiple tag groups from the .ts\tsm.json file in a location
  • preventing adding of tags and renaming while file in edit mode
  • disabling cleaning of the file selection on file close
  • fixing broken drag and drop of files and tags
  • increasing the size of the select file button
  • adding input validators for various dialogs
  • adding save binary file function
  • adding new file and dir create functionality
  • adding new color chooser in the some dialogs
  • implementing new file save concept
  • adding file move / copy functionality to the file menu
  • focusing the first edit box automatically after opening of a dialog
  • fixing #107 enabling the renaming of tags from for example todo in ToDo
  • replacing of the old chrome extension with a new one called TagSpaces Light supporting the read only functionalities of TagSpaces. This step is needed due the phasing out of the NPAPI functionality in the Chrome browser.

Learn more in the corresponding blog post.

Version 1.8.5

Released on 2014.07.28

  • adding support for drag & drop of files into TagSpaces from your native file manager
  • adding copy and move file functionality
  • adding duplicate file functionality
  • viewer for .url .website and .desktop files added, allowing you to use TagSpaces as a bookmark manager
  • sorting functionality for the tags in a tag group added
  • adding Spanish and initial Ukrainian translations
  • adding support for loading tags from the current location directory, feature can be enabled in the experimental tab of the settings
  • opening new files directly in edit mode
  • removing default content of new markdown and text files
  • disabling the blinking cursor in readonly mode
  • disable closing of the current location if a path was wrong or can not be opened.
  • adding focus window function to the platform APIs
  • adding a white background for the image viewer, useful for viewing transparent images
  • extending the directory browser with drive selector in windows
  • fixing issue with opening the directory select dialog
  • #101 duplicated main menu
  • #102 unable ti select text in the markdown viewer
  • [chrome] exchanging the chrome with chromelite ioapi not dependent on NPAPI
  • [firefox] adding file copy functionality and fixing messaging api change introduced with Firefox 30

Version 1.8.3

Released on 2014.06.17

  • brazilian-portuguese translation added
  • portuguese translation added
  • japanese translation added
  • french translation added
  • slovak translation added
  • adding delete directory functionality
  • adding rename directory functionality
  • adding an export to CSV in the perspectiveList
  • disabling automatic resizing of the main window
  • fixing missing tags in the file viewer issue

Version 1.8.1

Released on 2014.05.15

  • adding chinese and bulgarian(50%) translation to the project
  • releasing a technology preview of a self hosting version of TagSpaces based on WebDAV
  • marked integrated as a new markdown rendering library, allowing github's gfm, tables and more
  • now it is possible to associate a file type to be opened with TagSpaces by default
  • associating the applications in OS X, Ubuntu and Android to open markdown and mhtml files by default
  • adding file download functionality, allowing you to save a file locally wherever you want
  • adding top menu for the native applications, allowing you to access quickly basic functionalities
  • now it is possible to add keybinding to a tag
  • adding a new tag group with rating tags e.g. 1star with the keybinding t 1
  • adding tags to the file properties dialog
  • the file types in settings are now sorted alphabetically
  • adding keybinding for showing tag libraries s t and directory navigator s f
  • #65 implementing clean tags functionality
  • #68 showing files from hidden directories fixed
  • #62 fixing issue where the UI was not refreshed after file deletion

Learn more in the corresponding blog post.

Version 1.8.0

Released on 2014.05.02

  • german and italian (50%) translations added
  • making the keyboard shortcuts configurable
  • adding shortcut for loading the previous (left or up arrows) and the next (right or down arrows) document
  • improvements in the options dialog
  • fixing opening links in the default browser instead of the application #53 in markdown files
  • fixing undo issue in text editor #45
  • adding setting for showing confirmation dialog before recursive scan
  • [osx] re-enabling the menu on mac #44
  • [firefox] fixing #59 about saving utf8 content
  • [firefox] optimizing the start TagSpaces button in the toolbar for support of Firefox 29
  • [android] new icon

Learn more in the corresponding blog post.

Version 1.7.9

Released on 2014.04.02

  • removing of many tags on many files now possible in one step
  • adding swipe left and right gestures for image navigation
  • fixing text wrapping issues in list perspective
  • adding key bindinds for left and right keys for document navigation
  • redesigning the alternative path navigation in bottom part of the application
  • adding "close file" and "send to" actions to the file menu
  • making the toolbar icons flat
  • preventing opening links in html files

Version 1.7.8

Released on 2014.03.21

  • enabling opening of the last opened location by the start of the application #29
  • adding the following key bindings
    • ctrl+r / command+r - reloads the current document
    • ctrl+s / command+s - saves the current document if opened for editing
    • esc - closes the current document
    • alt-enter - shows the document properties
  • making all dialogs not disappear by clicking outsite of the dialog
  • fixing issue with not displaying local images in MARKDOWN files
  • adding WEBP as supported image format (not in firefox)
  • starting hints are shown only if you don't have last opened location
  • preventing drag & drop of files in the application
  • [android] new rounded icons for android added
  • [android] added "send to" functionality for all file types
  • [android] eliminating the 300ms wait time by adding the fastclick library
  • [android] fixing the failing opening of the first document after the start of the app

Version 1.7.7

Released on 2014.03.10

  • Improving and refactoring the layouting algorithm for a better responsible behaviour, especially on mobile phones
  • Adding support for viewing of ODF files (e.g. ODT, ODS, ODG, ODP) not available in firefox and chrome
  • Adding new version of pdf.js with support of printing, rotating, dragging, document properties and goto first/last page

Version 1.7.6

Released on 2014.02.28

  • Releasing Linux and Debian 32bit packages of tagspaces for the first time
  • Improving the HTML WYSIWYG editor
  • Improving the Markdown viewer
  • The last state of the application window (e.g. maximized) is now remembered and restored on startup
  • Fixing issue with empty file titles, e.g. handling the case .txt by extracting of the filename without extension
  • Files are now sorted by name in the perspectiveList
  • Correcting the opening of the containing folder in the file viewer
  • Correcting opening of the containing folder functionality in node-webkit
  • Setting the min length of the tags to 2 chars
  • Setting space and comma as a separators for multiple tag entering
  • [android windows linux osx] Fixing saving utf8 content
  • Fixing: #23, #26, #27, #30, #31, #32, #33
  • Partly fixing #25

Version 1.7.4

Released on 2014.02.17

  • adding hints for the format of the tags in the dialogs
  • clearing current filter on location change
  • adding hover for the file title editor
  • facebook button added
  • disabling reloading of directory by tag rename
  • open files natively added to main file context menu
  • migration to node-webkit 0.9.1

Version 1.7.3

Released on 2014.02.05

  • Added native client for Windows
  • Added native client for Linux
  • Added native client for Mac OS
  • Added native client for Android
  • Adding new welcome screen by the first start of the application
  • Redesigning the options dialog
  • Adding a new contact us popover
  • Adding settings for tag calculation, tagdelimiter and prefix of a tag container
  • Disabling automatically opening of the directory browser after directory change
  • Adding an alternative directory browser in the perspective footer
  • Adding a title to the perspective switcher
  • Adding hotkeys for reloading, full-screen and devtool in node-webkit
  • Adding of a new contact us dropup
  • Adding a button for the activataion of recursive search
  • Vizualizing extracted tags from the search results
  • Extracting all tags from the current search results added as experimental feature
  • Integrating viewerText as default opener for unknown file types
  • File properties dialog added
  • Adding predefined perspective per location
  • Added XHTML as a new file type
  • New search functionality implemented. Added popup with search rules description
  • Adding location edit functionality
  • Fixing #19 markdown viewer scrollbar
  • Zooming with mouse wheel added to the image viewer
  • Panning and zooming added to the image viewer
  • Adding support for audio, video and source code filetypes
  • Move tag to first position functionality implemented
  • Adding of many tags at once separated by comma. Minimum tag length is 3 characters
  • [android] Adding HTML directory browser for android
  • [android] Opening files on double tap now possible
  • [android] Reading date and size file meta now supported
  • [android windows linux osx] Added support for natively opening of files
  • [android windows linux osx chrome] Fixing the huge horizontal scrollbar
  • [android] Recursive folder scanning now implemented in cordova

Version 1.6.1528

Released on 2013.09.18

  • Redesigning the new version notification dialog
  • Correcting the sort order of the dates
  • Added new mindmap visualization in the perspectiveGraph
  • Editing of HTML files is now possible
  • Added grouping by tag groups
  • The file list is refreshed after tag color change
  • Added some new visualizations to the perspectiveGraph
  • Smart tags added
  • Added custom scrollbar for webkit browsers
  • Footer shows found files count
  • Set filter is now perspective specific
  • Implementing search functionality in the perspective thumb
  • Added grouping by day, month and year in the thumbPerspective
  • Added warning for chrome users if TagSpaces has no access to local file URLs
  • Tags are now colored in the file opener
  • Filter in default perspective has now a red icon if it is not empty
  • New library fixing a bug preventing opening a directory selection dialog in linux on chrome
  • [Chrome] TagSpaces opens automatically on first install in chrome