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Version 1.8.1 released with hosted edition

ยท 3 min read
Ilian Sapundshiev
TagSpaces Core Team

This week we released version 1.8.1 of TagSpaces, featuring the following improvements and bugfixes:

  • We added Chinese as a new language for TagSpaces, here many thanks thanks to AngelinDark. We added also Bulgarian language, which is currently 50% translated.
  • Technology Preview of a WebDAV Edition was included in this release, allowing you to host your own TagSpaces on top of a WebDAV server such as ownCloud.
  • marked integrated as a new markdown rendering library in the viewerMD, supporting github flavored markdown and tables.
  • We enhanced TagSpaces to be able to open files from the command lines, allowing you to associate certain file types to be opened with the application by default
  • In the installation packages for OS X, Ubuntu and Android we associate markdown and mhtml files with TagSpaces.
  • A download functionality was added, allowing you to save a file locally if you are using the webdav version or just to save a file under another name/location on your device.
file download functionality
  • adding top menu for the native applications, allowing you to access quickly basic functionalities
top menu added
  • now it is possible to add keybinding to a tag, which makes file tagging very easy. After adding a key shortcut to a tag, a small keyboard icon will be visible in front of the tag in tag group, reminding you of the shortcut existence (see the ratings screenshot).
new tag group with rating tags
  • adding a new tag group with rating tags e.g. 1star. Using the previously described new feature you can now rate for example pictures with the keybindings from t 1 to t 5
new tag group with rating tags
  • The tags of the current file are now listed in it properties dialog.
showing tags in file properties
  • New keybindings for showing tag libraries (s t) and directory navigator (s f) added, enabling you a quick switch between this two panels.
  • Implementing clean tags functionality, allowing you to remove all the currently assigned tags from the selected files, as requested in #65. This feature could be useful if you want to send somebody a file per email, but you don't want to send your tags as well.
remove tags functionality
  • Fixing #68 - showing files from hidden directories fixed
  • Fixing #62 - issue where the UI was not refreshed after file deletion.
  • The file types in the settings dialog are now sorted alphabetically.