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Version 5.2 - what is new?

ยท 6 min read
Ilian Sapundshiev
TagSpaces Core Team

Version 5.2 of TagSpaces was released recently. This time the focus was clearly set on the file viewer and editor extensions and on extending the search component. We have migrated all the legacy extension from Bootstrap 3 and jQuery to Bootstrap 5. Many of the used libraries were also updated to the newest versions. But let's start with the newly created extensions.

Extension for viewing 3D modelsโ€‹

We created a brand-new extension for viewing 3d models. For now the extension supports a preview of 3d models in STL, OBJ, GLTF and GLB file formats.

Viewer extension for 3D models
Viewer extension for 3D models

Extension for previewing emails in MSG formatโ€‹

This version includes a new extension for opening of emails saved in MSG format. This format is used mostly by Microsoft Outlook ยฎ, which can meanwhile export emails in the more common EML format. Previewing EML emails is already supported in MHTML viewer extension. Both extensions make TagSpaces a good solution for organizing important emails with the help of tags.

An email in msg-format opened in TagSpaces
An email in msg-format opened in TagSpaces

Extension for viewing reveal.js slidesโ€‹

With this extension you will be able to open slides made with reveal.js directly in TagSpaces. This extension has, for now, an experimental character and may not support all of the countless features of the reveal.js-presentations, but even so it is a nice addition to the application.

A reveal.js presentation opened in TagSpaces
A reveal.js presentation opened in TagSpaces

Extension for showing markdown file as mind mapโ€‹

Added new experimental extension for displaying the structure of markdown-files as mind map based on markmap.js library.

A mind map view of a markdown file
A mind map view of a markdown file

PDF extension support annotationsโ€‹

In this release we updated the pdf.js library which is the core of our PDF viewer. As a consequence you can now annotate PDF files directly in TagSpaces, by adding text and freehand drawing in different brush sizes, colors and transparency.

A PDF file annotated in TagSpaces
A PDF file annotated in TagSpaces

The annotations made to the PDF files are not automatically saved, so you have to save the file manually using the save button in the toolbar.

Search Enhancementsโ€‹

The search component was greatly improved for supporting common actions in TagSpaces and for easy generation of search queries.

Search actionsโ€‹

As usually the search can be opened by the CTRL+SHIFT+F (โŒ˜+SHIFT+F on Mac) key binding. New in this version is the opening of a dropdown, having the two sections. The first is called actions and here you can choose among the following items, using the up and down arrow keys or typing the one letter shortcut followed by a column:

  • locations - typing l: will make the dropdown list the current locations, so you easily find and open one by writing the first letters of it
  • filter - typing f: will filter the current content of the folder by, without starting a new search
  • history - typing h:will make the dropdown list the lastly opened or edited files so you can filter and open one of them
  • bookmarks - typing b: will allow to filter and open your bookmarked files or folders
  • search query - typing q:will allow to filter and start your saved search queries
Quick access action in the search box
Quick access action in the search box

Search query compositionโ€‹

With the following commands you will have the ability to easy compose complex search queries, combining or excluding tags, choosing the file size limit, type and details.

  • AND tag - typing + will show the list of all tags in the dropdown so you can select tags which should be present in every file or folder in the search results
  • NOT tag - typing | will show the list of all tags in the dropdown so you can select tags which can be presented in file or folder in the search results, so you will get for example all files tagged with "tag1" or "tag2".
  • OR tag - typing - will show the list of all tags in the dropdown so you can select a tags which should be excluded from the search results
  • file type - typing t: will present a list from the support file type group, so narrow the search result to for example documents or images
  • file size - typing s: will present a list with predefined files sizes
  • last modified - typing lm: will present a list of predefined points back in time
  • search scope - typing sc: will allow you to choose among the following search scopes: current folder, current location, global search in all locations
  • search accuracy - typing a: will allow to toggle the search accuracy between: fuzzy, semi-strict or string.
Query composition in the search box
Query composition in the search box

You can find more on composing search queries in the documentation.

Support for deploying on Cloudflareโ€‹

Both web versions of TagSpaces Lite and Pro can now be easily installed and hosted on Cloudflare Pages. The only you need is the creation of a free Cloudflare account and to follow the steps in this simple tutorial

Further enhancementsโ€‹

  • We extended the app to preview images and videos of the following file formats: CR2, NEF, DNG, TGA, 3GP and 3G2.
  • The PRO version, supports now thumbnail generation for CR2, NEF, DNG, TGA, TIFF files
  • We have greatly improved the files editing functionality, by enabling the staying in edit mode after saving, adding cancel editing button and implementing an animation for the saving process.
  • Now the lead colors of a given TagSpaces theme are transferring automatically to theme of most file viewer and editor extensions, providing a more consistent user experience.
  • We have added a button for generating new location id in the locations setting and implemented a check for existing location id. This is useful if you want to share a given location with somebody else via Dropbox for example.
  • Added a switch in the settings of the grid perspective to disable the appearance of file or folder descriptions over the tiles in the grid.
  • Extract tag library from redux, solving performance issue with big tag libraries (over 1000 tags)
  • Showing two lines of text in the entry title of the grid perspective, allowing a clear view of files with long file names.
  • Allowing saving screenshots from some file viewer extensions in the desktop version.