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New TagSpaces Web Clipper

· 3 min read
Ivaylo Stanislavov

We are done with the re-work of our web clipper browser extension. Yay! We are very excited because now it supports both Chrome and the newest version of Firefox! It is already up, so you can download it now.

TagSpaces Web Clipper is a powerful tool that lets you collect digital artifacts from web pages faster than you can say “Hey, Siri”. It can save whole pages or selected parts. Two clicks and you are done. Everything is safely stored on your computer.

Start TagSpaces Web Clipper and enjoy

browser extension

Click the Tag button on your web browser. Edit file title – Leave the default web page title or create your own

Get playful with Tags

browser extension

Add tags to your day and organize everything. From ‘read later’ to ‘for my mother-in-law’, the sky's the limit.

Choose the saving action

browser extension

  • Save complete page – You can save the whole page in one single MHTML file, preserving the original design. Saving in this format is possible only in Chrome browser.
  • Save editable page – Clicking on this button, will try to extract the main content of the page. If some images are in the extracted content they will be embedded in the HTML file, so you don't have to take care anymore of images saved separately from the main HTML file. In addition to that, the URL of the original website and the date and time when the page was saved is also embedded in the created file. This information can be displayed later in the Desktop version of TagSpaces. Original design of the page will not be preserved by this action, but a screenshot of the visible area of the page can be included in the HTML file. This embedded image will be used the TagSpaces Next for creating a thumbnail of such HTML files.
  • Clip selection – Saves only the selected content as one HTML file. The rest of the functionality is similar to the previous action.
  • Take screenshot – Saves a screenshot of the visible page area as a PNG file. Tags representing the current date and the source URL of the web site are added automatically to make later organizing and finding even easier for you. See the following screenshot for more details.
  • Create bookmark – TagSpaces Web Clipper can create a URL file for the current webpage. Bam! TagSpaces is your new bookmark manager. URL files are supported directly in Windows and Mac OS.
  • Download file - This button appears only if the current browser tab is displaying just an image, a pdf or a video file. As the name suggests clicking on this button will start the download of this file.

browser extension

Get TagSpaces Web Clipper:

Once you have all your content clipped and tagged neatly organize everything on your own terms, on your own devices, free of cloud, login and registration with TagSpaces Desktop.