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Tagspaces 2.8 released

ยท 4 min read
Attila Orosz

The TagPaces team is happy to announce the release of the 2.8 version. This version has some interesting new features, usability enhancements, and several bug fixes.


UI Improvementsโ€‹

Redesigned List Perspective, with folder supportโ€‹

The List Perspective has a redesigned, more streamlined interface, that allows easier navigation, and fits more information on one screen.

  • The rows have become narrower, fitting all essential information and elements on a single line
  • An indicator now shows the active sorting mode in the header row

  • Show folders - List perspective can now show subfolders. To use this feature, enable it from the FAB menu of the perspective.

Then just double click the folders to navigate, single click will select a folder. Subfolders are shown on the top of the list, when enabled.

Hint - Folders in grid perspective Folder navigation has been possible form Grid Perspective since TagSpaces 2.6. When enabled from the FAB menu, subfolders show up as the first tiles on the grid list. You can single click a folder to navigate. The addition of folders to in list Perspective compliments, and completes this feature.

Moved folder tags after the subfolders in the folder navigatorโ€‹

In order to enhance the browsing user experience on folder, we have moved the folder tags after the list of subfolders.

Disabled editing of descriptions on clickโ€‹

Due to the need to open links, folder and file descriptions can only be edited after explicitly selecting "Edit".

New featuresโ€‹

Restore original tag groups with one clickโ€‹

This functionality is available in the Settings menu now, and can be useful if you have deleted some of the standard tag groups such as the Smart Tags.

Vietnamese language supportโ€‹

Thanks to Transifex user dd721411, we have added now a Vietnamese language support.

Firefox webclipper improvementsโ€‹

The webclipper now generates .url files. This functionality can be started from the new save bookmark button in the Firefox web clipper.

Additional featuresโ€‹

  • Added last changed date to the CSV export
  • Enable content search in webdav edition
  • Export tag groups as JSON with unique idโ€™s, for easy reimporting
  • Removed deprecated nwjs support from the project

Changes in editor and viewer extensionsโ€‹

Internal links in MD and HTML documents and in file and folder descriptions can now be opened.

This for now means links to headers within the same file. In a MD file, you would reference a header the following way:

# Header title


[Link to header](#header-title)

In HTML, this means the usual anchor references, where you'd have to manually add anchor points, but this is not confined to headers. This works much like in any standard HTML document.

<a name="anchor-point"/>

To go to the anchor-point, click <a href="#anchor-point">here</>

Note: File and folder descriptions can be formatted with markdown, internal references will therefore follow the markdown style formatting.

New RTF viewer extensionโ€‹

TagSpaces now opens RTF - rich text format files with the help of the new viewerRTF extension. Rich text documents can be viewed, but not edited or created.

Select or deselect all checkboxes in HTML editorโ€‹

A convenient new feature in the HTML editor allows for selecting deselecting all checkboxes at once.

TagSpaces PRO improvementsโ€‹

  • Added thumbnail generation for text based files such as MD, TXT, JSON, XML, JavaScript and others
  • Fixed the black background of HTML thumbnails

Bug fixesโ€‹

  • Fixed issue preventing creating new files
  • Fixed CSV export of the file list in Chrome
  • Fixed issue with handling paths containing % in the name
  • Fixed issue with loading files on startup
  • Fixed issue with removing multiple tags