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TagSpaces 2.7 released

ยท 5 min read
Attila Orosz

The TagSpaces team is happy to announce the release of TagSpaces 2.7. The newest version has several significant new features along with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Major new featuresโ€‹

Cryptomator supportโ€‹

TagSpaces now works with Cryptomator, allowing the use of TagSpaces as encrypted Evernote alternative with the cloud provider of your choice. Cryptomator is an open source, client-side encryption solution for your desktop. It provides a transparent virtual drive, with drag-and-drop support, that get encrypted and safely stored in the cloud service of your choice.

  • Set up a new Cryptomator vault in your local cloud folder through the Cryptomator desktop app.

cryptomator screenshot

  • To use it with TagSpaces, just connect a Cryptomator "vault" folder as a new location, and start using it. No additional setup is required.

  • To access from multiple machines, sync your local cloud folder with the cloud service of your choice, import the vault in the Cryptomator desktop app, then connect it as a new location in TagSpaces.

Note: Currently Cryptomator can be used only with the desktop version of TagSpaces. Please consider the current state of the integration as experimental.

Unified Directory and File Properties areaโ€‹

From v2.7, the file and directory properties can be accessed the same way, by clicking on the ย ย iย ย  icon.


The unified interfaces offer File information (1) including File path, Size, File name (as it appears in the file system, including tags), and Last modified date, while the Directory information (2) is currently limited to Directory path.

Underneath the read-only information bit, you can manage tags on both directories (3) (PRO) and files 4, and add a directory (5) or file description (6) (PRO). Directory and file descriptions also support markdown syntax.

Hint: Adding and editing directory tags and descriptions, along with file descriptions are only available in TagSpaces PRO. As a new feature, the community edition now supports displaying existing descriptions for both files and directories, and also directory tags in a read-only format.

UI Improvementsโ€‹

Showing the count of tags in a tag group only if it is collapsedโ€‹

Only collapsed Tag Groups will display the total number of tags. If you open a tag group, the number should be hidden, wheres if you close it, the number of tags will be shown.


Save the windows state, size and location for the next start of the appโ€‹

Previously TagSpaces started with a default window size. TagSpaces 2.7 will now remember the last window placement and size, so that if you resize the app to better suit your needs, it will remember its size the next time it is started.

F5 now reloads applicationโ€‹

The previous shortcut for reloading the hole application was the same as for reloading the currently open document (Ctrl+r). the key combination's behavior would change depending on the context. now it1s clearly differentiated, whereas pressing F5 will alwqays reload the whole application.

Hej, hvordan har du det?โ€‹

Danish language translations are now available, thanks to Transifex users aputsiaq and 9400dk.

Note If you wish to contribute, you can access the TagSpaces translation project here

Under the hood improvementsโ€‹

Migrated to electron 1.4.14โ€‹

Electron 1.4.14 offers greater stability and better performance across all platforms, besides making the application "future proof" and easier to migrate to newer versions later.

GFM linebreaks for markdown editor and previewโ€‹

Standard markdown handles line breaks unintuitively, as only a double space before line break would add a hard line break. GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) does away with this behavior, where a single newline will behave as a line break, just like most people would expect when editing a document. TagSpaces MarkDown editor and preview now use GFM line breaks instead of the standard behavior.

Cap max result to 2000 in Settings instead of setting the limit to 0โ€‹

A previously erroneous/misleading behavior, where entering a too high number for Limit files found to in the settings would cause it to reset to 0, had now been fixed. The cap value is now 2000, meaning the setting would reset to this value, would the user attempt to set anything higher.


Improved search performanceโ€‹

The search algorithms have been re-written, to provide a noticeable performance improvement on large directories. Search should deliver results much faster now

Note: Very large directories might still cause slowness in search and general application performance

Fixed form validation issues in the dialogsโ€‹

Form validation is now properly handled, to avoid issues like not being able to edit tags.

  • The User Ideas site had been moved to a trello board, which allows for better visual organization of tracking of ideas and feature requests

  • The new Tagspaces Documentation Website is now live. The new site runs on GitBook, and features more detailed and in-depth documentation than the previous version.

Other improvementsโ€‹

  • Improved onboarding for the chrome extension. Now user is properly prompted about enabling user's file access.

Screenshot showing how to enable the file access in chrome

  • Corrected the loading of meta data in the Android app

Bug Fixesโ€‹